Thursday, June 04, 2009

frisky whisky friday

apologies again. been a while. not that i haven't been drinking but just had not time to write about it. the pleasure is in the drinking, rather than writing.
be that as it may, have a couple of friends down in jakarta and we will resuscitate the frisky whisky fridays that we used to have in kuala lumpur just over a year ago.
and since all the trips have brought forth a treasure trove of duty-free bottles and then some, it will be a pleasure to imbibe a few drams for a great weekend.
apart from the nasi padang that they all love so much. especially the sambal ijo.
by the way, malt closed down. it stopped getting single malts. and business just died.
there are a couple of other places that serve decent single malt in jakarta.
will update with a list.
i promise.
meanwhile, just got onto twitter so i can tweet and add pics on the run.
and after all that, slainte!

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