Wednesday, March 11, 2009

non-alcohol whisky?

mea culpa.
have disappeared for exactly four months due to a host of reasons but none of it meant i withdrew from drinking. just writing about it.
the truth is, i've been travelling far and wide and imbibing spirits here and there. some good, some great and some just downright inexcusable and a sorry sight and taste of a drink.
and lo and behold! something popped up in my mailbox last night from scottish spirits ltd.
an alcohol-free whisky from a panama-based company that is targetted specifically for Muslims as it is halal-approved.
"the product is perfect for markets such as the middle eastern countris, pakistan, indonesia and any other country where there is a large muslim population, which represents a market of round 1.3 billion people," said Kevvin Grattagliano Katz, who owns the company.
haven't checked the halal certification but it does suggest someone is making money with halal certificates although at between US$4 to US$5 for a 700ml bottle, its rather cheap whisky.
guess its more form than substance of a whisky.
according to the bottlers, "the non alcohol whisky tastes and looks exactly like traditional scotch whisky. the whisky is suitable for drinking straight up or with sodaa, tea or other mixers."
it claimed the non alcohol whisky is the result of 10 years of research and development and will start production in april 2009 at is facility in france field, colon free zone, panama.
won't comment on the appropriateness of the distilling facility but it does make me wonder if a bottle is available soon in a muslim country near me.
slainte! salams!

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